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Vitalia Sweet Stevia is a 100% natural and healthy sweetener coming from the plant Stevia Rebaudiana, known as “sweet leaf” used by American Indians over hundreds of years ago because of its excellent features.

Vitalia Sweet Stevia is the only non-caloric natural alternative to white sugar with 0 calories, 0 sugars, no artificial sweeteners and low glycemic index, making this product the ideal diet food. As a result of its non-caloric features, unique taste and natural sweetness, it is recommended for weight loss and maintaining a slender figure.

Sweeten your drinks and desserts with Vitalia Sweet Stevia and enjoy you favourte sweet tastes, but now with fewer calories.

Vitalia Sweet Stevia is available in two versions:

Vitalia Sweet Stevia 40 bags of 2.5 g for sweetening drinks. A pleasant feeling of sweetness when combined with tea, coffee, milk, fresh strained juice and other drinks.

Vitalia Sweet Stevia 250g for cooking and baking which can be used in the preparation of cakes, cookies, creams, compotes, jams, fruit salad and other desserts.

Do you know why Stevia is sweet?

The secret sweet taste of Stevia lies in a complex molecule called Steviol Glycoside, which is composed of glucose and Soforoza Steviola. It is this complex molecule that gives the unusual sweetness to Stevia. The Stevia plant in its natural form is approximately 10-15 times sweeter than white sugar, while the Stevia extract is 100-200 times.

Vitalia Sweet Stevia – the ideal diet food

As a result of the unique natural flavor with 0 calories, no sugar and artificial sweeteners and low glycemic index, Vitalia Sweet Stevia is the ideal diet food for diabetics and people with heart problems. It is recommended for weight loss, maintaining a slender figure and all those who lead a healthy lifestyle.

Eliminate thousands of calories per week …

1 teaspoon of Vitalia Sweet Stevia = 2 teaspoons of white sugar

Vitalia Sweet Stevia is the only non-caloric natural alternative to white sugar and other artificial sweeteners. Just by simply sweetening tea, coffee, fresh strained juices and other drinks with Vitalia Sweet Stevia, you will drastically reduce your weekly calorie intake. Introduce it in your daily diet and enjoy your favorite jams, compotes, desserts and pastries, but now with far fewer calories.

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