Verdure Healthcare – NiPT and Genetic Counselling Service
Verdure Healthcare – NiPT and Genetic Counselling Service

Verdure Healthcare – NiPT and Genetic Counselling Service

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Verdure Healthcare, a leading Fertility Specialist Consultancy in Asia in Malaysia, provides a range of screenings and tests to help couples who are starting their pregnancy journey. One of the most essential tests for expecting mothers would be the NiPT (Non-invasive Prenatal Test), which offers up to 99% accuracy in determining whether the fetus has congenital genetic diseases and defects. This test can detect all (23 pairs) of the baby’s chromosomes (gene carriers) and 84 most common genetic diseases in Asia from as early as the 9th week of pregnancy!

For couples looking to conceive, the Pre-pregnancy DNA Screening is highly important to determine the probability of your future child inheriting a genetic disease. As the test can screen 420 of Asia’s most common congenital disease genes, the results can help you decide on the best fertility programme. In addition, if you have concerns about carrying the cancer gene and passing along to your future child, the Pre-pregnancy Cancer Genetic Test screens up to 82 cancer genes, helping you plan for a healthy baby early on.

Many factors contribute to infertility, but the root cause is often not apparent. The good news is, the answer may be in our genes. Here’s where The Reprogene Infertility Screening is extremely useful to rapidly screen for the 13 fertility-related genes (seven in women, six in men) that are causing difficulties in conceiving.

If you’re planning to begin your pregnancy journey with a peace of mind, make an appointment with Adam Hung, Verdure Healthcare’s Harvard Cancer Genetics Specialist, to learn more about genetic screening and how they can help you.

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