Verdure Healthcare – Fertility Specialist Centre (Kuala Lumpur)
Verdure Healthcare – Fertility Specialist Centre (Kuala Lumpur)

Verdure Healthcare – Fertility Specialist Centre (Kuala Lumpur)

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For couples who can’t conceive, they may turn to IVF as a viable solution. Unfortunately, IVF has only a 15% success rate and can put a serious dent in the wallet. Verdure Healthcare has a much better solution: the Home Artificial Insemination IUI Kit to boost your natural pregnancy rate safely and rapidly by up to 50% at just 1/50 of the price you would pay for IVF. Ideal for those facing poor male sperm quality, low sperm volume, and high rates of sperm deformity, this kit also helps female partners with a high rate of antibodies that eliminate sperm cells.

Convenient and easy to use, the Home Artificial Insemination IUI Kit enables couples to administer artificial insemination on their own via just three very simple steps in the comfort of their home. Additionally, this 100% medically safe IUI kit can be used together with VHC Formula Fertility Supplements to further increase the chances of getting pregnant. However, if there’s still no result after six months of using the kit and supplements, Verdure Healthcare highly recommends going for an in-depth medical diagnosis by Dr Terrenz H’ng PhD, a well-known Malaysian Fertility Specialist, to get to the root of your fertility problem.

To date, Verdure Healthcare Consultancy Sdn Bhd is probably the only Fertility Specialist Consultancy in Asia providing personalised solutions and integrated medicine for the treatment of Infertility and Eugenics. Apart from combining the best practices from Chinese and Western medicine to maximise healing efforts for infertile couples, Verdure Healthcare also collaborates with seven of the most well-known fertility clinics across Malaysia, along with the nation’s largest health screening laboratories and the best DNA Laboratories in Malaysia.

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