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Greens UpFi’r Bust Enhance Drink is dedicated to every woman who desires sexy bust line, anti-aging and brightening to your skin. It is a botanical fruit-based beverage that contains Marine Collagen, Pomegranate Fruit and Pueraria Mirifica.

UpFi’r by Greens helps to not only brighten but also To provide plumpness, firmness and uplifts your bust from within.

It contains no artificial colour, flavour and preservatives and is gluten-free. It is not suitable for those with seafood allergies.

Direction of Use:
Take 1 sachet daily. Mix with 150ml of water and consume directly.

Store in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight.

Memilih makanan atau minuman tambahan tertentu dapat membantu merealisasikan hasrat kaum wanita yang ingin membesarkan saiz payudara. UpFi’r keluaran Greens satu-satunya produk minuman tambahan terunggul dapat membantu mengembalikan semula keyakinan buat para wanita di luar sana yang ingin menambahkan lagi saiz payudara mereka. Dengan menggunakan 100% rumusan bahan semulajadi, para wanita dapat menggunakannya dengan penuh keyakinan tanpa sebarang keraguan. Antara bahan-bahan yang amat berkesan itu termasuklah buah delima, yang bertindak sebagai anti oxida. Ia juga dapat melembabkan kulit dan memperbaiki kulit yang kusam. Ramuan ini pastinya memikat hati para wanita zaman moden yang elegan dan yakin diri! Kolagen marin, iaitu satu lagi ramuan rahsia produk keluaran Greens ini berfungsi sebagai booster tambahan untuk mempercepatkan hasrat para wanita yang menginginkan hasil yang ketara. Tambahan pula, Pueraria Mirifica (atau Bidadari Putih) merupakan bahan semula jadi yang dapat mengekalkan keremajaan dan keanjalan kulit, serta menambahkan saiz payudara secara semulajadi. UpFi’r – inilah rahsia kecantikan dalaman, sehingga dapat dilihat di luaran.

  1. Selina Liew
    5 reviews

    Greens upfir Bust Enhance drink.

    5 out of 5, reviewed on July 22, 2022

    When I first received the product, I was happy that Upfir is actually a botanical fruit based beverage that contains marine collagen, wonderful pomegranate fruit extract and pueraria mirifica, an exotic century old Thai herb. All this three ingredients are high in antioxidants, collagen, flavonoids, polyphenol and phytoestrogen. Because of the fact that this product is consumed, it helps to uplift, plump and firm from within. Upfir Bust Enhance drink is definitely suitable to upgrade women’s assets and their body confidence.

  2. aisha224438
    22 reviews


    5 out of 5, reviewed on July 1, 2022

    UpFi’r is a product for bust enhancement and skin. I really like the taste. It .astes so pleasentl

  3. HelenLimy76
    5 reviews

    Refreshing Beauty Collagen Drinks

    5 out of 5, reviewed on June 16, 2022

    Really love the taste of Greens UPFIR Collagen beverage which contains Pomegranate Fruit Extract, Marine Collagen and Pueraria Mirifica. Easy to prepare and so enjoyable to have. It contains no artificial colour, flavour and preservatives. Natural is best!
    Taken once a day after my mid morning snack of cut fruits. Usually dragon fruits, pineapple or bananas.
    Hope to see more brightening effects on my aging skin and the boost for my bustline too, with regular consumption!

  4. smcheong95
    2 reviews

    Upfir Bust Enhance Drink by Green

    5 out of 5, reviewed on June 15, 2022

    Greens UpFir Bust Enhance Drink is dedicated to every woman who desires sexy bust line, anti-aging and brightening to our skin. A botanical fruit-based beverage comprises of Marine Collagen, Pomegranate Fruit and Pueraria Mirifica.
    I didn’t try this supplement before where this is my first time having it. I take 1 sachet daily and mix with 150ml of water and consume directly. After taking, i feel that my skin is glowing without makeup. I’m happy with such effects and it is recommended to ALL!

  5. AmberShum74
    6 reviews

    UPFIR Bust Enhance Drink

    5 out of 5, reviewed on June 14, 2022

    UPFIR Bust Enhance Drink by Greens is a delicious marine collagen beverage added with the goodness of Pueraria Mirifica for bust firming and pomegranate fruit for skin whitening and antiaging.I like it taste when I first time to try because It is an natural formula and it can make me look youngful, gives me sexy bust line to Increased self-confidence♥️

  6. wkn566239
    3 reviews

    Upfir Bust Enhance Drink by Green

    5 out of 5, reviewed on June 13, 2022

    Everyday, in the morning I’ll take one sachet of Upfir Bust Enhance Drink to help me to feel more healthy and can help to brightening my skin, anti-aging and uplift my bust.
    This products is easily to mix up with 150ml of water and it’s taste goods and delicious. This drink is a botanical fruit based beverage which contains marine collagen, pomegranate fruit and pueararia mirifica. It’s imported from Korea.
    I like this products because it has no artificial colours, flavour and preservatives. It gives me more confidence because it helps to restore my skin youthfulness and gives me sexy bust lines which provides plumpness and uplift my bust as well.

  7. Quintina Yee
    2 reviews

    Upfir bust

    5 out of 5, reviewed on June 10, 2022

    Thus, everyday, start my day with one sachet of Upfi’r to bring me better health in my sexy bust line which provides plumpness, firmness and uplift my bust. ❤️ And I feel more confident than ever….
    I will share this product with my friend. This is the best natural formula for the goodness of women.

  8. Khanzi197758
    2 reviews

    Best product ever

    5 out of 5, reviewed on June 5, 2022

    To be honest, I’ve never thought of getting any supplement drinks before ,after i took UpFi’r
    Now I can totally see a difference in my skin’s texture and it also helps in the recovery of pimples after taking 6-7 bottles consecutively every night before I sleep, I’m happy with the effects acheive the rosy cheeks though).

  9. yuelhew18
    2 reviews

    Upfir help me a lotssssssss

    5 out of 5, reviewed on May 31, 2022

    I feel my skin become more hydrated and my breast become more firm with a lift after 3 month consuming. The first month I did not see any noticeable different but the customer service is very patient & answering all my enquiry and tell me that consistent is the key, so I continue with one more month supply. Then after finished with my third box i start to feel the firm up effect at my breast and my friend also told me that my skin look more moisture than before. Will continue to drink and share this to my friends!!!!

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