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TweedleWink Right Brain Kids employs a teaching style that reaches your child’s natural right-brain receptivity with movement, imagination and playful exercises that enhance your child’s natural desire and love to learn. During the first years of life, your child can absorb vast amounts of information because they have what Maria Montessori calls an “absorbent mind” when your child is functioning primarily in what we call the “right brain” state.

It is designed to create a rich mental library of foundational knowledge and to instil a positive learning experience that your child can confidently carry into the future. Right brain learning requires freedom of movement and high frequency of love, joy, laughter’s and gentle kindness and relationship building. They nurture your child’s development by maximizing the right brain window to teach knowledge in relevant learning areas as math, science, English phonics, vocabulary, reading, moral, foreign languages, world culture, music and art appreciation.

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