Trio TMC-710 Multi Coooker

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The perk of living in a small apartment is the pleasure of inhaling the comforting smell of your neighbours’ cooking. However, after a long day at work, cooking is just another wearying chore. And what with a small kitchen and limited kitchen appliances, you find reasons to dine at a restaurant or have a take-out meal instead, which in the end doesn’t satisfy you. If you crave for home-cooked meal but don’t have the time to prepare one, a multi-cooker is what you need. With the TRIO Multi Cooker TMC-710, now you can challenge your neighbour’s cooking, which will surely come knocking your door. Who knows if it’s that someone you’ve been eyeing on.

Versatile cooker

TRIO Multi Cooker TMC-710 proves that you don’t need a cook to prepare your meal. It’s a versatile cooker that can steam, grill, and slow-cook food, or make soup, stew or broth in just minutes. If you feel like eating beef stew or chicken cacciatore, the TRIO Multi Cooker TMC-710 cooks them all, braising in its own juices as no evaporation occurs. Even tough cuts of meat like pot roast breaks down over time into tender morsels. The non-stick pot reduces incidences of food being stuck to the surface. With capacity of 7.0 liters, it’s enough to feed your neighbors that have been mesmerized by the smell of your cooking.

How about a potluck

Food is always best when it’s served hot. If you’re having a potluck and need your food to stay fresh and hot, then use the TRIO Multi Cooker TMC-710. Making steamboat is also easy with the useful stainless steel brief cook mesh basket and additional wire rack. Thanks to the stainless steel material of the inner pot, it is easy to clean. TRIO Multi Cooker TMC-710 takes only up to 1960W of power and features a power ready indicator. With durable and useful patented design lid, TRIO Multi Cooker TMC-710 is easy to bring with you for picnics and outings.

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