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Inspire, Imagine, Innovate. 

Trinity Star Academy are a 21st century  Christian based  Learning  Centre in Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia with an objective to holistically help nurture and  enable as many students to reach their  fullest best potentials in  UK  and Canadian online academics which fully integrates character building, creative thinking, coding, programming, electronics, communications and financial planning skills. All of Trinity Star Academy educators are certified in Learning Management,  Education, Child Psychology, Special Education, Science and Engineering as well. Trinity Star Academy understand the importance of getting a jump start on British  and  Canadian syllabus at various ages and also equipping them with 21st century technology and knowledge  plus Australian programs on softskills to meet the future potentials  that beholds for young generations and beyond.

First-Rate 21st Century Course Offerings

Trinity Star Academy provide students and learners with the options of studying from our Christian resources  centre or online  learning from home. Trinity Star Academy embrace a learning environment that uses the self-directed 21st century  based learning methodologies, blended and  flipped classroom pedagogy that helps to harness, guide and promote independence, self pace learning and creating critical thinking skill sets in students through various STEM hands-on activities to culminate,  attain and reach  the University pathway goal for every learner.


Your needs and your child’s needs are Trinity Star Academy top priority. Trinity Star Academy focus on literacy, communication skills. holistic and character building  amidst a  21st century learning  methodology to empower and harness each and every child to reach their fullest potentials and goals. Trinity Star Academy work closely with parents and our community to  provide high-quality personalised education, facilitation, values and provide a homely and family like environment for learning, growth, progress, acceleration and mastery.
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