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The Toshiba Air Purifier CAF-G3IM helps to purify the air as well as prevent bacteria, mould and germs from growing, supplying clean chilled air to your home and providing you with comfort.

The built-in Pre-Filter removes coarse and fine particles such as dust, pollen and mites from the air-stream even before it enters the Carbon Deodorant Filter to maximise the cleanliness of the air that it emits.
Silent Operation

With a maximum energy consumption of only 33W, the Toshiba Air Purifier CAF-G5IM features an Inverter Motor that ensures whisper-quiet operation as low as 14dB.

Built-in Ioniser

The built-in ioniser in the Toshiba Air Purifier removes microscopic particles from the air, including allergens, bacteria and virus making your home a cleaner place. This is especially great for people who suffer from asthma, allergies, immunity problems, or respiratory ailments.

About Toshiba

For over thirty years, Toshiba has developed a reputation as distributor of high quality Audio Visual and Home Appliances products. Toshiba’s AV products include LCD TVs, Plasma TVs, colour CRT TVs, DVD Players and High Definition (HD)-DVD players while home appliances include Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Rice Cookers and Electric Pots.

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