Toshiba 31L Inverter Dome Oven TSB-ERGD400MS

Product Details

Dome Design
Unique dome design distributes microwave evenly over every part of food surface. Between, 31 litres capacity also contributes to excellent thermal convection. Food comes out perfectly done with tasty flavor, superb colour and texture.

Stone Oven Dome
Stone Oven utilizes far-infared rays to increase heat distrubution. It able to achieves high temperature of 350°C and quick heating reaches 200°C. in just 5 minutes. It also helps to retain natural juices in food and keeps food surface crisp and brown when baking or roasting.

Super Heater Steam
Super Heater Steam able to achieves maximum temperature of 350°C and quick generation of steam in 13 seconds. Removes up to 13% of excess oil and up to 14% of salt in foods.

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