Top Smart Clean Low Sud Detergent

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High Efficiency (HE) Low Suds. Formula is specially developed for front load machines to give youan efficient and effective wash.

  1. Noor Azhar
    75 reviews

    Top Smart Clean Low Sud Detergent

    5 out of 5, reviewed on April 30, 2018

    I love the great smell and smart features of Top Smart Clean Low Sud Detergent. It has High Efficiency (HE) low suds properties that specially design for front load machines; to wash effiently and effectively. Besides, it has a micro-clean technology with anti-sebum and prevent malodour to keep our garment fresh and fragrant smell even indoor drying. In addition, it also able to remove 99.9% mite-dust that can potentially cause allergic to skin; and to eliminate 99.9% bacteria to keep our clothes hygienically clean.

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