Top Odour Buster

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TOP, the NO.1 detergent brand in Malaysia with its TOP Odour Buster variant that uses breakthrough Micro-Clean Tech™ technology that cleans both visible and invisible stains.

The secret to TOP Odour Buster’s odour banishing capabilities is TOP Micro-Clean Tech™‘s anti-sebum technology that pulls out trapped sweat and sebum, as well as other trapped molecules from fabric cores.

The revolutionary formulation maintains the TOP Anti-Malodour and Anti Mite-dust detergent functionalities that Malaysians have come to know and trust from the brand.

Trapped sweat and sebum (body oil) molecules cause the yellowing of white and light coloured fabrics, and dullness of colored fabrics. These trapped sweat and sebum stains once broken down by bacteria are the main cause of the unpleasant odour around armholes, sleeves and collars, even after clothes have been laundered.

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