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Premier Medic Partner

Long-lasting coverage for your health. Care that truly endures.

What is Premier Medic Partner insurance?

It is a comprehensive medical insurance policy that takes care of your medical expenses and cushions your financial burden.

  • All eligible expenses are reimbursable up to the policy limit.
  • Renewal is at the option of the insured member. However, premium rates are not guaranteed.
  • Medical cost for organ transplant is fully reimbursable up to the policy limit.
  • This plan also provides medical card facilities for admission and discharge from hospitals for covered disabilities.


Your coverage is not just for one year, but is renewable up to 100 years of age.

If you take up this policy before the age of 65, renewal is at the option of the insured member up to 100 years, provided renewal premium is paid before the policy expires.

Key coverage

Here is an overview of your coverage

Hospitalisation & Surgical Benefits

Outpatient Benefits

  • Home Nursing Care
  • Outpatient Physiotherapy Treatment (within 60 days upon discharge)
  • Pre-Hospitalisation Diagnostic Tests & Specialist Consultation (31 days prior to Hospitalisation)
  • Post-Hospitalisation Treatment (within 60 days upon discharge)
  • Emergency Accident Outpatient Treatment (within 24 hours from time of accident)
  • Emergency Accident Dental Treatment (within 48 hours from time of accident)
  • Outpatient cancer treatment (per year)
  • Outpatient kidney dialysis treatment (per year)

Inpatient Benefits

  • Hospital Room & Board
  • Surgeon Fees (including Day Care Surgery and Pre & Post Surgical care up to 60 days)
  • Anaesthetist Fees
  • Intensive Care Unit
  • Hospital Services & Supplies
  • Operation Theatre
  • In-hospital Physician Visit (daily, up to 150 days)
  • Daily hospital allowance at government hospital (daily, up to 150 days)
  • Government Service Tax

Special Benefits

  • Ambulance Fee
  • Lodger Benefit (daily, up to 60 days)
  • Traditional medical treatment
  • Medical report fee
  • Overall Annual Limit
  • Organ Transplant (once per lifetime)
  • Funeral benefit
  • Lifetime limit per person
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