Timo Essence of Chicken with Cordyceps & Ginkgo

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Ginkgo biloba (Yin Xing) is a unique and oldest living tree species on earth, had
become one of the most popular and famous traditional Chinese herb. Ginkgo has
been used as an excellent herbal supplement and antioxidant, which contains rich
ingredients like crude protein, minerals, multivitamins etc. Ginkgo helps in improving
our thinking, learning, as well as memory. Ginkgo has an ability to improve our
nervous system and vision too.

Ginkgo extract has proven benefits for all, especially to weak children and the elderly
person. The antidepressant effect of Ginkgo helps to fight depression, notably in elder
person. It is proven that Ginkgo facilitates some mental function and helps in the
prevention of Alzheimer’s disease.

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