Tiger Balm White

Product Details

  • 11% Natural Camphor
  •  8.0% Menthol
  •  1.5% Clove Oil
  • 13.0% Cajuput Oil
  • Also contains: Dementholised Mint Oil, Yellow Soft Paraffin and Hard Paraffin
  • Muscular aches & pains: to be rubbed gently on the affected parts of skin as necessary (usually 2 to 3 times daily).
  • Tension headache: Rub a small amount onto the forehead or temples using a circular motions. Repeat at 30 minutes and one hour after the initial application.
  • Available 19g size. Always read the label.
  1. Avatar

    1 reviews

    Effective pain and itchy relief

    5 out of 5, reviewed on October 25, 2017

    Is a trusted brand that i always use in the case of mosquito bite or any insects bite. Easy to carry to everywhere as the compact packaging size. Give me a quick cold relief after apply. But must be careful when apply it around mouth or eyes.

  2. Kaushelia Shelia
    365 reviews

    Good packing and helps to relieve the muscular aches and pains effectively.

    5 out of 5, reviewed on September 6, 2017

    Tiger Balm White helps to relieve the muscular aches and pains effectively. I always use it after I have heavy workout or I did any heavy job. I also use it when I have headache as it helps to make me feel relax and good all the time. It does not has strong smells and nice to use it as it absorbs quickly into the skin. I feel so convenient and nice to use it all the time. The price is reasonable and worth to purchase. Highly recommend.

  3. Avatar

    660 reviews

    Mengurangkan sakit lenguh badan dan angin

    4 out of 5, reviewed on September 2, 2017

    Tiger balm selalu membantu saya melegakan simptom angin dalam badan seperti lenguh-lenguh dan kebas dan juga ketika sakit perut.
    Bau nya wangi dan tidak menusuk hidung. Balm putih agak kurang panas berbanding balm merah.
    Harga juga murah.

  4. Avatar

    17 reviews

    Tiger balm

    5 out of 5, reviewed on May 9, 2017

    Tiger balm membantu saya mengurangkan lenguh-lenguh badan setiap kali melakukan kerja-kerja berat. Otot-otot saya lebih selesa dan sihat. Saya juga menggunakannya setiao kali mengalami sakit kepala.

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