THREE Angelic Complexion Primer

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THREE Angelic Complexion Primer is a colour-adjusting primer concocted with 80% naturally-derived ingredients that bring forth a natural, beautiful translucency to skin. Covering up pores and fine lines and balances uneven skin colouring, it is as if a clear photo filter has been adhered to the skin. The primer (30g) is available in 5 colours:
  • Pink Petal (01) – Pink undertones to balance pale skin by adding a flushed complexion. Best for fair and cool-toned skin that needs brightening up.
  • Just Peachy (02) – Peach undertones to balance skin tone evenly by removing dullness entirely. Best for warm-toned skin who want to even out the skin tone.
  • Yellow Rose (03) – Yellow undertones to tone down redness, remove dullness and brighten up the skin. Can be used for both warm- and cool-toned skin that have reddish skin concerns.
  • Minty Froth (04) – Green undertones to neutralise the skin and offset redness and acne scars. Can be used for both warm- and cool-toned skin that have reddish skin or acne concerns.
  • Apricot Blossom (05) – Orange undertones to neutralise dullness (including cool blue-toned dullness). Best for dark, tanned skin with dull skin concerns.
  1. Ariel
    210 reviews

    Great makeup base

    5 out of 5, reviewed on April 6, 2018

    I love how this colour-adjusting primer is made with 80% naturally-derived ingredients! It works, too, to make my skin look naturally and beautifully translucent to skin. My large pores are visibly smaller, my fine lines have disappeared and it also balances my uneven skin colouring. It makes me feel confident and causes my makeup to adhere perfectly well, too.

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