THREE Aiming Cream

Product Details

THREE Aiming Cream is a rich, lustrous cream that glides onto skin comfortably and does not leave a sticky or greasy feeling.

Product features:

  • Boasts quick penetration into skin and superb moisture retention ability
  • Hydrates deeply and abundantly to amp up skin resilience and elasticity while refining skin texture
  • Shields the skin against external stimuli by creating an invisible protective film on the skin
  • 97% naturally derived ingredients

How to use:

  1. Use a spatula to scoop 2 pearl-sized amount onto the palm.
  2. Apply it upward from the bottom and from the inner to outer area of the face (Figure A).
  3. Cover the face with both hands and gently press on the skin to enhance absorption.

*Apply additional cream on the drier areas and spread the product again all over the face.


Made in Japan, THREE products are based on achieving balance of the mind, body and skin. It actively supports the skin by boosting its natural mechanism to enhance the skin to become what it was born to be. Under the lead of its makeup Creative Director, Rie Omoto, who is a New York-based makeup artist, the brand boasts a complete, beautiful skincare and makeup line – acting as secondary skincare to enhance beauty while nourishing your skin – with finest ingredients, texture and quality.

To accomplish this, THREE has taken particular note of the powers of essential oils and other plant-based ingredients.

THREE Fundamentals:

  1. Does not use parabens.
  2. Does not conduct animal testing.
  3. Uses certified organic ingredients as much as possible.

The power of nature is proven. Nothing can beat the gift from Mother Nature.


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