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Box with 10 ampoules.3 weeks treatment.

SAF100™ concentrate with nanospheres SAF100™ hair loss concentrate with nanospheres is enriched with keratin and soy lecithin based on encapsulated proteins for a better penetration & hair restoration. Specially formulated to enhance treatment’s performance, the hair loss concentrate is the essential complement to fight hair loss right from the root. The regenerative properties of the concentrate stimulate the formation of new hair stalks bringing the essential nutrients to the follicle, protecting the hair from external damage as well.

The SAF100™ ampoules when used alone, become a hair multivitamin shot enriched with B, C & E vitamins, keratin microspheres and hialuronic acid for a better penetration & in depth restoration.

When used with the laser device, the SAF100™ ampoules enhance the laser hairloss treatment performance, becoming the essential tool to fight hair loss right from the root. It stimulates the formation of new hair stalks bringing nutrients directly to the follicle.

This treatment combines the latest generation of lasers to:

  • fight hair loss
  • promote new hair stalks*
  • obtain stronger, thicker, healthier hair

(*) in the spots where hair has been lost the 3 previous years

This is made possible thanks to the action of the treatment which addresses the 2 most influential factors in promoting healthy hair: strengthening scalp blood microcirculation and bringing to the hair the essential nutrients that it needs. Healthy & shiny hair in only 3 weeks!


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