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Established in 2014, The Laureate, a subsidiary of Beacon Group of Companies, is one of the leading multi-faceted health and wellness centres in Malaysia, focusing on Preventive, Anti-ageing and Regenerative services towards achieving total wellness.

Trusted by our readers, this health and wellness centre is equipped with state-of-the-art and premium facilities, providing tailor-made healthcare services to match the specific needs of patients according to their individual genetic profile and health history. Along with highly skilled, qualified and enthusiastic healthcare professionals.

The Laureate Wellness specialises in 3 main programmes. One is Metabolic Profiling, providing a detailed analysis on organ functions, immune, cardiovascular, hormonal, adrenal health, precise nutritional status and a personalised health transformation plan. Then there’s the Active 100 Plus Cell Regenerative Program to reverse ageing and damaged tissue without pain or surgery. Finally, the Laureate Plan C² that is an integrated cancer care plan with the combination of complementary therapies alongside standard therapies. This personalised cancer care plan comprises functional testing, preventative screening of regulation thermography, non-toxic cancer therapies, immune-enhancement therapies, optimised nutritional support and detoxification therapies.

In a nutshell, The Laureate Wellness believes that the state of well-being is collectively reflected by our physical, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual health, managing to strike a balance between all these components, to reach the state of “total wellness.”

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