Tefal BL3071 400W Blender

Product Details

Maximum blending performance
Blend to your heart’s content with the Tefal Blender Blendforce Triplax & Chopper BL3071. The blender’s innovative Tripl’Ax technology combines six stainless steel blades and three actions working together for the ultimate blending experience. Also, this Tefal blender uses a powerful 400W which ensures fast blending with optimum results. Not only that, you have two speed options depending on what ingredients you would like to blend. Makes your favourite smoothies, soups and sauces in no time!
Practical at its best
The Tefal Blender Blendforce Triplax & Chopper BL3071 is a great blender not only due to its amazing performance, but for its safety features as well. The Smart Secure lock system ensures that the blending process will start only when the jug is positioned correctly. In addition, the blender is so simple to clean as the blades are detachable from the plastic jug. Whether you pop them in the dishwasher or the sink, the the Tefal Blender Blendforce Triplax & Chopper BL3071 is incredibly safe to clean.

The History of Tefal
Tefal is a French leading cookware brand which specialises in non-stick pans and pots. Originally, Tefal was utilized in the amazing world of space travel! The materials which coat and strengthen their cookware is the same material used to build the skin of satellites way back when. Also, they have expanded their kitchenware business to include small electrical appliances such as fans, toasters and electric kettles. Fun fact: The word, Tefal, is actually a combination of the words ‘Teflon’ and ‘Aluminium’

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