Sweet Banana Milk Body Scrub Wash

Product Details

Sweet Banana Milk Body Scrub Wash has a gentle formula from natural ingredients. Royal jelly extract is an anti-aging nutrition that beautifies the skin and prevents skin diseases. Milk extract in this body cleanser contains moisturizing, nutrition and make skin delicate and smooth. Banana extract rich in vitamins, antioxidant effects and promote the appearance of tough skin whitening effect.

  • A healing body cleanser that sweet harmony of banana and royal jelly gives life to fatigued skin!
  • Containing milk protein which is effective for removing keratin and granting shine to skin, it completes clean skin by removing waste and keratin completely!
  • Abundant bubbles and sweet banana flavor make shower time enjoyable!

Usage instructions:

After making bubbles by taking a suitable amount of Sweet Banana Milk Body Scrub Wash on the shower ball or sponge, rub like massaging the whole body and rinse out clean with water.

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