Susuk Manja Sabun Lemon

Product Details

  • Menggantikan air mandian lemon
  • Meredakan panas demam
  • Memberikan keselesaan dan ketenangan kepada bayi anda.
  • Kandungan: peppermint, gliserin, lemon
  1. Ika Azani
    69 reviews

    Convenience in a bottle

    5 out of 5, reviewed on November 27, 2021

    You know how last time our moms will bath us in lemon or lime water when we have flu, cold or fever? But that is not so convenient right especially when we need it in the middle of the night or nearby shops all running our of lemons.

    I am thankful that this brand come out with this soap. It is so convenient especially for busy moms like me that sometimes has no time to run to the grocery shop just to get a lemon when Amin is sick.

    I bring this everywhere I go. Even during travels, together with the garlic balm and sterimar because children can get sick anytime.

    Just apply it like normal shower gel. It has lemon scent that is refreshing. My son gets better faster when i apply this (but please do take the medication as adviced by doctor too ya).

    It really is convenience in a bottle!

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