Super Nano Hydrophobic Liquid Repellent

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Spray Waterproof Super Nano is the latest and most advanced waterproofing technology where it can be used on all surfaces. It is not the same as any spray in the market because it has a liquid-proof function better and longer durability of some famous brand products. Nowet Spray is specially formulated to protect, treat and give security to your goods. It is suitable for all types of surfaces including skin, Suade, fabrics such as clothes, shoes, ties, hats, pants, handbags. Apart from that it is also very effective on surfaces such as cement, glass, wood, stone and so on. With the latest nano technology, Nowet serves as a protective resilient invisible liquid that prevents dirt from entering treated areas such as sauce, mayonnaise, muddy and so on. It is also no impact on the treated surface, but not give effect in terms of surface color and the feel. Now, nanotechnology can be shared by everyone at an affordable price without compromising the essential functions of the nano protection. Your goods will be last longer and save money. For comparison Nowet 300ml bottle can be used up to 8 to 10 pairs of shoes. Method of use :- 1. Clean / Wipe the surface intended to treat. 2. Shake the bottle 3. Spray the surface to be treated from a distance of 15cm 4. Dry under the sunlight for 10 minutes. 5. For a longer effect, spray a second coat and let dry for 24 hours. Tips : Use a hair dryer for drying effect more quickly.

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