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The Kettle For You

No more boiling water separately then pouring them in a flask with SUNYO SY-S88JK. This jug kettle will ensure that your water is heated in a kettle and you do no have to pour the water in a separate jug later after boiling. The kettle itself can be removed from its power supply allowing mobility of the kettle, making it handy to pour yourself a nice hot drink. A high power output along with the concealed element of stainless steel quickens the boiling process to ensure that water is boiled faster, saving time and money.

Economical choice

SUNYO Stainless Steel Jug Kettle SY-S88JK is indeed an economical choice when it comes to kitchen appliances. This cordless kettle cuts the power off immediately once the water is boiled. This product comes with full manufacturer warranty to further ensure the best value for your money.

Easy to operate, Stylishly designed

The kettle body can be rotated 360º on its base for your convenience, while the kettle’s classy polished stainless steel body and attractive sleek design makes it perfect for use in a diner, pantry or anywhere you prefer. Furthermore, the filter of the SUNYO Jug Kettle SY-S88JK is also removable and washable.

Safety features

The automatic indicator light on this handy kettle provides indication that the water is heating up. This clever invention is equipped with overheat protection function to avoid melting, and ensures the safety of the users.

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