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SUNYO provides you with a wide range of household appliances to make mundane activities more convenient. Smart and stylish, highly-functional with low power consumption, SUNYO household appliances are matchless time-savers that bring comfort, convenience and pleasure to every household. Give your kitchen a special touch of class and elegance with the SUNYO Electric Kettle SY-46AK.

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The SUNYO Electric Kettle SY-46AK comes in a sleek stainless steel finish that is highly durable and safe for boiling water. The energy-efficient kettle has features a unique design that allows for easy pouring. The SUNYO Electric Kettle is so easy to use, you can make a hot cup of your favourite drink whenever you like!

Safety First

The SUNYO electric kettle is designed with a UK Strix thermostat that automatically cuts power off when the water has boiled, saving electricity and avoiding over-boil. The kettle also has an integrated dry-boil protection that switches your kettle off when it detects the occurrence of boil dry conditions. The concealed heating element in the kettle ensures that your water boils fast and is clean.


Never switch the kettle on when it is empty. Do not try to add or pour water while the kettle is switched on. Do not immerse the kettle in water. Always put the lid on securely before switching on the kettle to boil. Only fill water up to the full line, otherwise the water may overflow when it boils. Do not touch the stainless steel surface of the kettle when the kettle is on and just after water has finished boiling.

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