Sunlac Skim Milk Powder

Product Details

 SUNLAC   skim milk powder contains :

  • Less than 1 % milk fat only
  • NATURAL milk  calcium  
  • FREE from perservatives , chemical additives and other impurities.

HOW to use SUNLAC ?

SUNLAC is a highly nutritious, versatile and multi-functional food ingredient. It is ideally used as food ingredient in bakeries, confectionaries, dairies beverages and nutritional products.

SUNLAC also fortified most foods and beverages including snack foods, breakfast cereals, yogurts and other weight-loss products.

SUNLAC can also be used as cooking medium for curry dishes in the absence of coconut milk.


Milk and dairy products are convenient source of calcium and easily available for many people. Adequate intake of calcium in one’s life span is highly recommended to reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Calsium helps in prevention of ospteoporosis by building dense bones.

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