suavinex Wide Neck Slow Flow Silicone Round Teat

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The joy of feeding a child is felt by every parent. It is a time of bonding between parent and child, as every parent will delight in the milestone that their child is growing up. Celebrate each day with your child, in giving them the best feeding experience. With the Suavinex Wide Neck Slow Flow Silicone Teat, give your little one a healthy feeding experience.

Anti Colic.

This Suavinex’s teat is designed for Suavinex’s wide-neck bottles that ensures from baby’s first day, the correct suction is possible thanks to the regulated flow of liquid, into the baby’s mouth rather than air, that helps in the prevention of hiccups and colic.


The use of silicone in formation of Suavinex’s wide neck bottle teat mimics the natural stretch and softness of mum’s breast that encourages baby to latch on and suckle from the bottle.

Care Instructions.

The use of a wide neck makes feeding preparation and cleaning easier. Teats should be cleaned using a teat brush, paying particular attention to the rim and the bottle’s screw top, as bacteria multiplies with any remaining traces of milk.

Product Specification

  • With round teat, ideal for the newborn’s first few days.
  • Anticolic valves at the base prevent discomfort such as hiccups and colic caused by swallowing air.
  • Approved by the Spanish Paediatric Dentistry Society.
  • Specifically designed for use with Suavinex wide-neck bottles.
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