Sterra Y™ Tank Tabletop Hot & Cold Water Purifier

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Malaysia’s most value-for-money, premium tank water purifier for instant hot and cold filtered water. Sterra Y™ Tank Tabletop Hot & Cold Water Purifier also filters your water using a 4-Stage Filtration System so it’s contaminant-free and beautifully designed with a sleek finish that doesn’t easily scratch.

  • Dispenses your clean, pure-tasting water in 3 different temperatures super quickly
  • Easy and convenient to use – simply push your cup against the touch-free levers to dispense water
  • Sleek and available in 3 exclusive colour combinations to match your kitchen aesthetics
  • Rust-proof, durable, and resists scratches to keep its smooth, glossy finish and to last for many years
  • Filters your water using 4-Stage Filtration System so it’s contaminant-free and healthy to drink

It looks sleek and is available in three exclusive colour combinations to match your kitchen aesthetics.

The Sterra Y™ Tank Tabletop Hot & Cold Water Purifier will elevate the look of your home and provide clean and fresh water.

Sterra Y™ Water Purifier is now on sale for just RM1,299 (u.p RM2,399). Get it while stocks last! Purchase it here.

  1. Ariel
    312 reviews

    Sterra Y brings wholesome drinking water to my family, whether hot and cold.

    5 out of 5, reviewed on November 17, 2022

    The on-site installation appointment of the Sterra Y™ Tank Tabletop Hot & Cold Water Purifier was simple and done with a single phone call. The installation service was extremely quick and convenient. The Sterra silver-black style looks clean and sophisticated and elevated my kitchen’s appearance.

    Sterra Y™ is ideal for me and my family because it is a water dispenser that can both heat up and cool down our drinking water while filtering it. It functions as a kettle, water dispenser, thermos, and tea maker in addition to a water purifier. My family can now say goodbye to tap water, bottled water, and the need to spend precious time and electricity to boil water with an electric kettle. With a light touch of a button, the Sterra Y™ dispenses hot, cold, or room temperature water instantly. For safety reasons, the hot water lock prevents children from accidentally dispensing scalding hot water.

    The temperature of the rapidly boiling hot water is kept at about 90°C, which is extremely suitable for healthy teas, such as brewing chrysanthemum tea, red dates, and wolfberry tea. I can now enjoy a good cup of coffee or tea during tea time at home in a few seconds. The room temperature water is normal water temperature while the cold water temperature is kept at 10°C, which makes it suitable for cold drinks at home, such as lemonade, cold coffee and cordials.

    The most significant feature to highlight is the Sterra Y™’s 4-Stage Filtration System, which includes PP, GAC, UF, and BIO. I am particularly impressed by the NSF-recognized world-class water filtration system, which is the world leader in testing and certification for water filtration systems. Thanks to the Sterra Y™ Tank Tabletop Hot & Cold Water Purifier, my family and I no longer have to be concerned about the safety of our drinking water while enjoying the convenience of hot, cold and room temperature water any time we want!”

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