Skin Doctors Beetox

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Skin Doctors beetox works to control facial muscles for cumulative tightening, lifting, plumping and firming of the skin. Skin Doctors beetox is clinically proven to triple the formation of collagen in just 7 days and increase cell renewal by 80% in just 15 days, leaving your skin looking brighter, firmer and visibly younger! Bee Venom fights the signs of aging when used cosmetically, as it ‘fools’ the skin into thinking it has been lightly stung with the compound melittin, stimulating the production of the collagen and elastin. These chemicals help the skin to remain taut and bounce back into shape, reducing long term ageing of the skin. The Manuka honey ensures that your skin is properly nourished, renewed and revitalized. No bees are harmed during the extraction of Bee Venom.

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