Skeyndor Indian Peel Butter with Spices

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Skeyndor Indian Peel Butter with Spices helps stimulates energy as well as renews the body. Infused with avocado oil, sesame and saffron from India. Natural exfoliating product with a balancing, energetic and comforting effect. This natural cream has an updating and balancing effect. The main ingredients of ayurvedic medicine; sesame, jojoba, saffron, turmeric, avocado provide a pleasant sense of relaxation and harmony, purify and tone the skin.

This cream leaves your skin moisturizes, smoothes, refreshed, revitalized and healthy looking with regular application.  Gently massage an adequate amount of this cream on your skin. The scent of the spices awake your body and makes you feel energetic and refresh.

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