Skeyndor Christmas Jewelry Box Eternal

Product Details

Awake your beauty with the new Skeyndor Christmas Jewelry Box Eternal. With liposomes of stem cells that nourishes, revitalizes and illuminates your skin.

What’s in the box:

  • Eternal cream
  • Sleeping oil face, neck and chest
  • Eternal intensive serum

Eternal Cream containing plant origin stem cell liposomes. Formulated to compensate the loss of the vital substrate and restore the skin’s volume lost with age at the deepest levels. The skin becomes fuller, more even and clearly defined.

An anti-age, night-time restoration oil. A unique combination of natural oils, essences and extracts with a satin, non-greasy finish. A nutritional elixir for the skin, leaving it smooth and soft immediately.  Fragranced with hints of jasmine, it enhances a feeling of well-being and promotes rest.

Extra concentrated serum containing plant origin stem cell liposomes. Powerful elixir for revitalising, renewing and nourishing the stem cells in the epidermis. It improves the speed at which cells are renewed and therefore increases the vital skin component substance. As a result the skin recovers its lost volume and is more youthful, radiant and firmer.

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