Simba Comfort Manual Breast Pump

Product Details

  • Spinning manual handle, and anti-backflow device.
  • Leveraged manual handle, easy to use.
  • Flexible silicone pad with massaging petals, providing extra cushion.
  • Dust-proof breastshield cover avoids possible contaminations.
  • Lightweight and portable, makes pumping easier.
  • PPSU standard neck calabash feeding bottle, bottle sealing disc, anti-leakage silicone ring,cap set, and anti-colic nipple.
  1. connienee30
    143 reviews


    2 out of 5, reviewed on July 17, 2017

    Was so excited to receive this to try it out since I also have a hospital grade double electric pump. I liked the idea of trying the manual one out since you could control the pumping yourself.

    The first time I tried it, I thought the suction was AMAZING and was thrilled. I used it for maybe 10 mins on each side. Fast forward to the second time I used it, suction had worn down dramatically. Third time? Barely no suction at all and the top kept falling off every time I went to press the handle down. So disappointed and upset about this product!

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