Shills 3 Minutes Bubble Body Scrub

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The Shills 3 Minutes Bubble Body Scrub is especially made to remove rough, dark pores and dead skin layers. It helps to reveal fair and baby smooth skin. Just gently massage the smooth, creamy and candy-floss-like mousse on required areas and see the dirt as well as dark bits being lifted off your skin right before your very eyes!

Experience new-born baby smooth skin, as fair, lustrous and healthy skin is revealed from under layers of dead skin cells. It is gentle on the skin and effectively removes dry skin layers to reveal renewed, supple and baby smooth skin beneath, just like Snow White. With its soft and fluffy mousse texture, it spreads on the skin easily. The foam cell structure is less compact as compared to cream or gel, allowing it to easily wrap around dead cuticles, dissolving dirt at the same time.

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