Sharp AX-1600VM(R) Healsio

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Sharp AX-1600VM(R) Healsio uses superheated steam technology that unleashes 539 cal/g of heat energy to effectively cook food and remove fats and excess salt in the process.


  • 2 Layers Cooking
  • Additional Baking Tray and Steam Tray
  • 31L Powerful Steam 1250W
  • 34 Automatic Modes
  • Inverter Technology
  1. Mohamad Khalqi
    1 reviews

    Good brand, Long lasting

    5 out of 5, reviewed on September 3, 2019

    Branded kitchen appliance which I use almost every day. Very good quality and I am really sure it can last for many years. Sharp Healsio is the superheated steam oven that you can trust and it is really worth your money.

    My family and I enjoyed the healthy meals we cook in it. We made a lot of one-pan meals which tastes great. Here are two examples:

    1) Chicken with roasted vegetables – The chicken is moist on the inside and packed with flavours. The secret lies in the superheated steam function, which we used in the first 45 minutes of cooking the chicken and we used the convection function on the last 5 minutes or so to add some crisp to the skin. When we had more guests, we just steamed extra cauliflowers, potatoes and meat in a jiffy. Healsio makes it so easy to cater to a large number of people!

    2) Chicken, veggies and noodles – We even cooked noodles following the included spaghetti bolognese recipe in the book. No other types of ovens can do this well 🙂 We placed the marinated raw chicken and vegetables on top of soaked noodles and drizzled some sauce over the dish. Within 20 minutes, the meal was done and tasted delicious.

    It is also easy to bake cookies in this oven, too! The cookies turned out really nice, crunchy and chewy even for up to a week.

    I especially find it very convenient to reheat all types of food from soups, pasta, fried rice, curry puffs and even fried chicken. It makes the different types of food taste like what they originally did, unlike the microwave that can make certain foods taste rubbery, tough or dry.

    With Sharp Healsio, cooking for the whole family is truly made easy and delicious!

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