Sharp 650L 2 Door Top Freezer Refrigerator

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The Sharp 650L 2 Door Refrigerator is designed to prevent temperature fluctuation and preserve food freshness.

  1. efizazakeri25
    57 reviews

    Perfect size for all

    5 out of 5, reviewed on July 6, 2019

    I’m using this Sharp refrigerator for almost 4 years, And it has 10 years warranty; yet so far no any problem happened which is good. The size is not too small, nor big where I can put all the things inside. It has a few compartment to separate veges, drinks, foods in the second door. The first door is for forzen meat.

    p/s: All reviews by me are not paid or sponsored, not copied from any source. The picture is attached as proving that I am using it.

  2. Anelia23
    137 reviews

    Best refrigerator

    4 out of 5, reviewed on October 19, 2017

    This is my best refrigerator because it’s very cool. Even we put on the low temperature, is still cool enough.

    This refrigerator very good because it’s anti frost. So we don’t need to defrost it. Fridge become not messy and clean most all the times.

    This fridge comes in dark grey colour and so beautiful. Not like normal fridge colour. The price also reasonable. Not too high.

    One lag on this fridge is the sap around the fridge is easy too peel off. So we need to press it to normal back then the door will close tightly.

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