Sharp 1.5HP STANDARD Air Conditioner AHA12PCV

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Turbo OperationIn this operation, the air conditioner works at “Extr-high” speed to cool the room quickly.   Auto Operation ModeIn the auto mode, the temperature setting and mode are automatically selected according to the room temperature.   Auto sleep functionWhen the off timer is set, the temperature setting is automatically adjusted to prevent the room from becoming excessively hot or cold while you sleep.   Auto Swing LouverAutomatic vertical airflow is available in order to make the room uniformly cool.   Self cleaning functionSelf clean operation provides the effect of reducing the growth of mold fungus, and dries the inside of the air conditioner unit with Plasmacluster ions.

  1. cyteoh34
    3 reviews


    4 out of 5, reviewed on April 16, 2018

    I used this type of aircond for more than 10years. No problem . Cool and excellent product with great satisfaction. Hope to recommend to more and more people all around the world.

  2. cikbunga49
    659 reviews

    Mendinginkan ruang tamu saya tetapi kurang jimat tenaga

    4 out of 5, reviewed on September 9, 2017

    Pendingin hawa sharp ni saya gunakan untuk bahagian ruang tamu rumah saya.
    Harganya agak mahal berbanding daewoo yang saya gunakan di bilik tidur.
    Dari segi penjimatan elektrik ia agak kurang menjimatkan.
    Fungsinya agak kurang berbanding daewoo yang dipasang dibilik.

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