Sharp 1.0HP R32 J-Tech Inverter Air Conditioner

Product Details

  • No matter what room in the house you are looking to keep cool you will be able to find a Sharp Air Conditioner that is best suited to your room size.
  • The 140mm main panel in Sharp 1.5HP J-Tech Inverter Air Conditioner AHXP10VXD is the longest in the industry, it moves in tandem with a second panel to quickly and efficiently cool the whole room.
  • The air conditioner boasts an aerodynamic shape to minimize air resistance and send air efficiently through the room.
  • The technology works to keep the air in your room clean, and also keeps the air conditioner itself clean.
  • Cool air spreads throughout the room, creating a pleasant environment for everyone.
  • Dual long panels directly deliver a powerful flow of chilled air that rapidly lowers the temperature in the room by 5 degrees in just 5 minutes.


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