SCSEVëN Intimate Wash

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Feminine Completed Protection

BioEcolla: BioEcolla is an α-glucan oligosaccharide obtain by enzymatic synthesis from natural sugar (sucrose and maltose). this provide the protection and biostimulation of natural skin defenses. It offer gentle protective and restoring action for all type of skin and the scalp.

Bioecolla is very important to feminine care. Improve feminine health, provides complete protection from all type of bacteria. We strongly recommend all ladies to use Intimate Wash with probiotic formulation everyday.


  • After sex – prevent odor
  • Pregnancy – clean pregnancy period postpartum secretions
  • Infection – Simply solvethe problem
  • Daily Protection – Keep private part at the right PH for a better health
  • Menstruation – Keep the hygiene of private part before, during and after menstruation. Prevent Infection.

Extra Gentle Formulation for Healthier & safer Feminine Care

  • Paraben Free
  • Artificial Color Free
  • Minerals Oil Free
  • Animal Origin Free
  • SLS/SLES Free

Direction of Use

  1. Pour 2-3 small drops and dilute with palm full of water
  2. Wash on the external genitals for 15 seconds or less
  3. Rinse thoroughly with water

Tips & Advices

  • Not Only wash with Water
  • Not Medicine Type Intimate Wash
  • Not Normal Soup or shower gel

Many women don’t consider intimate hygiene as separate from their regular hygiene routine. However, proper intimate hygiene requires different habits and it’s important because your intimate area is delicate and can be prone to infection.

Your Vagina has a acidic PH, more acidic than the skin of the rest of the body, which help to keep good bacteria (such as lactobacilli) healthy and bad bacteria in check. If you follow proper intimate hygiene habits you can avoid upsetting this PH balances and therefore help to avoid vaginal infections such as Bacteria Vaginosis (VG).


What is SCSEVëN Intimate Wash?

SCSEVëN Intimate Wash are actually developed specifically for intimate area. They help to maintain your natural pH Balance while gently, but effectively cleansing.

SCSEVëN Intimate Wash safe to use?

Formulated by 100% natural ingredients. With Zero Harsh chemical! Is safer & better choice for your intimate protections.

Can i wash my vagina by SCSEVëN Intimate Wash?

This product only for external use only.

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