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BioEcolla: BioEcolla is an α-glucan oligosaccharide obtain by enzymatic synthesis from natural sugar (sucrose and maltose). this provide the protection and biostimulation of natural skin defenses. It offer gentle protective and restoring action for all type of skin and the scalp.

Pure Essential Oil: Formulated combination of essential oils (Mint and Lavender) with a Ecocert InCha Inchi Oil to free hair from every buildup. Its Gentle foaming base is invigorating and leaves hair lightweight and full of energy.

Complete Clean Experience: Eco Cert Incha Inchi Oil provides complete hair and scalp protection.

Harsh chemical free formulation! Suit for your entire Family!

This Shampoo actually solve:

  • Hair Breakage, Hair lost
  • Oily, itchy scalp
  • Dull hair
  • Tangles Hair

Ecocert Incha Inchi Oil softer hair, healthier scalp

Pure Botanical Extract without any harmful chemicals or preservatives, zero burden to the hair and scalp.

Incha Inchi Oil extract adding a variety of nourishing and moisturizing ingredient to tender the hair.


SCSEVëN Hair Shampoo suitable for heavy dandruff and hair fall condition?

SCSEVëN Hair Shampoo deeply cleanses hair scalp, improve hair scalp and hair condition. Ecocert Incha Inchi Oil help to improve scalp balance. Keep your hair and scalp clean, fresh and strong.

Why I don’t feel the softness when I use SCSEVëN Hair Shampoo?

SCSEVëN Hair Shampoo is a silicon free formulation; you can use our hair conditioner for silky soft experience. Anyway, depending on silicon softness for long term will make our hair less healthier.

Why do I feel dry when washing my hair with SCSEVëN Hair Shampoo?

Is normal to have a little feeling of dry during hair wash. SCSEVëN Hair Shampoo is a non silicon & harce chemical formulation, the complete cleanliness experience will make you amaze with SCSEVëN Hair Shampoo.

Safe to use SCSEVëN Hair Shampoo?

Yes, SCSEVëN Hair Shampoo is certified harsh chemical free formulation.

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