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Blended with natural aloe vera extract which possesses rare amino acid, proteins and vitamins. It replenishes moisture to your skin, mends skin, promote metabolism and nourishes skin with sufficient nutrients. Vitamin E is an essential element for anti-oxidant which brightens and whitens skin, leaving you a lighten, smooth brilliant skin you desired! Aloe Vera + Vitamin E mask adds natural aloe vera extract which possesses rare amino acids, proteins and vitamins. It provides the skin with abundant moisture, mends the skin, promotes metabolism and nourishes the skin with nutrients. Vitamin E is an essential element that brightens and whitens the skin, providing you a lighter, smoother and brighter complexion.

  1. Carrie Zoey
    141 reviews

    Good moisturising and soothing mask

    4 out of 5, reviewed on December 9, 2016

    I love My Scheming variety masks. I bought many different types during my Taiwan trip.

    The thickness of this mask is just right – not too thick or too thin and fits perfectly on my face. The mask is soaked in generous amount of essence that has aloe vera and vitamin E which has the function to brighten and revitalises the skin.

    After cleansing and toning face, I apply the mask and it feels instantly soothing and cooling. The essence is non greasy/sticky and gets absorb into skin easily. After removing the mask, I will always pat the remaining essence on face and neck. Overall, this mask is effective in moisturising the skin, calm redness and is very suitable to use after sunburnt.

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