Salvador Dali La Belle Et L’ocelot EDT

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La Belle et l’Ocelot

The  Salvador Dalí Eau de Toilette tells the tale of La Belle et l’Ocelot,a women’s fragrance created for all those with an irresistibly magnetic personality. An olfactory remake of Beauty and the Beast.

A surrealist encounter between La Belle et l’Ocelot, the wild cat that was so loved by Salvador Dalí he kept one as a pet… and borrowed its spotted look for many of his outfits.

With her Eau de Toilette, La Belle radiates a captivating aura and a seductive power that fascinate the magnificent animal to the point of merging with it and adopting its graceful felinity.

Ultra-feminine and luminous, La Belle et l’Ocelot Eau de Toilette is wonderfully suited to women who are confident yet affectionate, loving companions who know how to combine their instinct for freedom with the sweet game of love.

They will enrapture all those around with the delicious scent of the Eau de Toilette, whose bottle illustrates the encounter between the Ocelot and La Belle in a stunning bas-relief.

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