Sailajah Vita-C Brightening Cream

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Uneven skin tone. Pigmentation, age spots, sun damage and even scars – these are just some of the skin issues faced by many women today, and they may be brought about by long-term neglect, or, they may also be the symptoms of problem skin and even aging. Formulated to address multiple skin issues, Sailajah Vita-C Brightening Cream gives women back their confidence and self-esteem with results you can see and feel. It is made using Kojic Acid, tangerine peel and Vitamins C and E, which work together to offer a lovely, satisfying outcome for all skin types, with adequate UV protection to boot. Working to ensure that sun-spots, damage and scars all fade away in time, Sailajah Brightening Cream also deeply hydrates the skin, for that precious glow we are all after. From dull and weary to smooth and glowing – Sailajah has all it takes to brighten up your skin and leave it feeling deeply cared for all day long!

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