Safi Men Acne Buster Pore Minimizer Face Wash

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Combination of H20 Cool Cactus and Anti-Bac to refresh and control acne on men’s skin effectively.ACNE-FREE MINIMISES PORESPollution and dirty surroundings can cause men’s skin to become oily and this could lead to bacteria that causes acne growth. Get rid of bacteria and minimise potential acne growth with SAFI Men Acne Buster Pore Minimiser Facial Wash. H20 Cool CactusMoisturiser that soothes and refreshes skin. It also locks in moisture while providing effective protection for skin.No Description Anti-BacContains antimicrobial features that helps prevent acne and eliminates acne causing bacteria.No Description Mushroom ExtractMinimises pores and moisturises skin.

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