Royal Canin Mini Schnauzer

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Vivid Coat Color

Certain nutrient deficiencies can cause depigmentation of the hair, particularly in dogs with a black coat. MINIATURE SCHNAUZER 25™ is formulated with L-tyrosine to enhance the color contrast of the hair.

Healthy Weight

Increased weight can lead to serious health problems. MINIATURE SCHNAUZER 25™ is formulated with precise energy levels and L-carnitine to improve fat metabolization.

Tartar Reduction

Miniature Schnauzers are prone to dental issues due to their delicate jaws and teeth. The MINIATURE SCHNAUZER 25™ kibble creates a brushing effect that can help to reduce plaque and tartar.

Tailor-Made Kibble

MINIATURE SCHNAUZER is specifically adapted in size, shape, texture and density to encourage chewing. This brushing effect can help fight plaque and tartar and promotes healthy teeth and gums.

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