Rivage Salts Aromatherapy Relaxing

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A blend of avocado and rich minerals in this Rivage Salts Aromatherapy Relaxing moisturizers your skin naturally, it relaxes your muscles and relives aching joints. This salt helps relieves stress and calm your senses. Rivage Bath Salts from Dead Sea, known for its legendary reserves of salts and natural minerals 10 times concentrated higher than any other ocean or sea. Among these minerals, we find in particular the Regenerating Calcium, which improves the cellular exchanges, the Revitalizing Potassium helps to equilibrate the skin’s moisture and the Relaxing Magnesium considered as a natural anti-stress.

Usage instructions:

Add Rivage Salts Aromatherapy Relaxing to a bath full of warm water (about 37 Celsius). Relax in the bath for 15-20 mins. Then gently rinse off your body with warm water.

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