Ridsect Roach Trap

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Ridsect Roach Trap is a glue format cockroach and lizard trap designed in a shape of a house to lure the pests with granule baits placed in the centre of the glue surface. Cockroaches and Lizards will then be trap on the glue surface.This formula maintains full effectiveness up to 4 weeks.


Read the label carefully before using the product.

  1. Victoria Low
    254 reviews

    Ridsect Roach Trap

    4 out of 5, reviewed on July 25, 2017

    Ridsect Roach Trap很好用。我就放在蟑螂经常出没的地方,隔一天早上,就看到有蟑螂粘着的 (因为本身我怕蟑螂,不敢太靠近看,呵呵!)就是会捉到的,总比用厚纸皮打扁好。

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