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RESILAC is a unique & natural daily JAPAN FORMULA NIGHT DRINK which uses premium pomegranate (POMxTM) and apple juice powder mixed with Prebiotic and Enzyme Amylase. It is rich in Antionxidants, Vitamin C, Fibre, and nutrients. This polyphenol-rich beverages helps in both men and women’s health for anti-aging, promotes better blood circulation, regulates digestion, and promotes healthy colon. The ingredients in Resilac have been proven clinically over 166 studies and exerts a superior benefit for both men and women. The powerful anti-aging Urolithin A potently improve muscle endurance by 42% and prolong lifespans of cells by 45% due to the process of relaunching of mitophagy to reduce damage mitochondria and aging effect.

For Men:

  • Reduce risk of prostate cancer
  • Reduce fat storage (abdomen) and non-esterified fatty acid (NEFA)
  • Prevention for heart disease

For Women

  • Anti-aging & Improves skin complexion
  • Detox and regulate healthy bowel movement
  • Reduce risk of breast cancer


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