Radiant Oat Noodles

Product Details

  • Traditional hand-made oat noodles. Oats are an excellent source of thiamin, iron, and dietary fiber. Fiber is helpful in reducing cholesterol levels in the bloodstream.
  • Made from oat,whole wheat flour,sea salt and RO water.
  • No preservatives, no bleaching and no coloring are used in the making of this noodle.
  • No additives is added to make the noodles less brittle.
  • Boil in hot water for 5 mins and serve with soup and vegetables.
  1. Mohana3969
    6 reviews

    Healthy choice

    5 out of 5, reviewed on June 21, 2020

    It is very healthy noodles that can be eaten by all age and all people in our family. I have tried this it tastes too good and tasty also healty. I suggest this importantly to diabetic patients and people suffer from obesity.

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