Quisine – Premium Confinement Food Delivery (KL/Selangor)

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Healthy ingredients in the right combinations are important components of a postpartum diet during confinement. At Quisine, their New Mom Pregnancy and Nursing Series of postpartum meals bring forth a new concept of confinement with suitable nutritional conditioning for different physiques.

To help you solve your confinement dietary problems, their professional customer service team will provide you with knowledge and food conditioning details. With the help of experienced nutritionists, meal plans are tailored to focus on maternal dietary preferences while providing comprehensive support ranging from physical to mental well-being. In addition, these meals also emphasise modern supplements to ensure moms receive the very best nutrition. Best of all, each item on the menu is appetising as well!

Along with nutritionists and diet consultants, Quisine also has an “independent central kitchen” managed by a team with practical experience running a kitchen in a professional confinement centre. For the convenience of new mothers who are undergoing confinement, their professional food delivery staff ensures efficient and courteous door-to-door food delivery service. On top of this, we have a stringent meal preparation service with the highest standards of health and safety management system so you can enjoy your meals with peace of mind.

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