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For women who have just given birth, nutrition is incredibly important to make sure she recovers and rejuvenates optimally. Quisine understands the nutritional needs of new moms and taps into their expertise in confinement care to curate confinement meals carefully, with the help of professional nutritionists to make sure mommies get all the goodness out of their meals.

Each meal is meticulously planned so that there’s a balanced amount of nutrition, along with just the right amount of calories postpartum recovery. Through their professional dietary services, Quisine helps new mommies solve lactation problems and improve the quality of breast milk as well as improve metabolism and achieve postpartum weight loss effect effectively.

According to Quisine, postnatal diets are based on a new mother’s internal needs. These include metabolic detoxification during the first week after giving birth to eliminate postpartum congestion, promote wound healing, and increase lactation. In the second week, the focus is on the rehabilitation of internal organs. During the third week, it’s all about nourishing the body, so high protein food that replenishes qi is essential. For the fourth and final week, nourishment and tonic, as well as preventing the signs of ageing, are emphasised. Meals during this time help promote metabolism and improve complexion.

Along with convenient food delivery service, Quisine also ensures stringent hygiene standards during meal preparation. Each time dining ware is returned, a professional cleaning team will clean and disinfect them.

If you are unsure what’s right for you, Quisine provides taste testing for their meals, available via delivery. Talk to them to learn more so that you can find the right confinement meal plan for your specific needs.

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