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QB Natural Shop believes that breast milk is a mother’s most beautiful and meaningful gift to herself, her baby and planet Earth. Through the creative use of breast milk, QB Natural Shop specialises in 100% pure and natural handmade breast milk soaps as well as breast milk lotions and other accessories. Their soaps are free from fragrance, preservatives, and artificial colourants. Each of these handcrafted soaps contains only high-quality oils, 100% pure essential oils, exotic butters, natural herbs, and clays. For QB Natural Shop, their breast milk soap is more than just a soap. “It embraces the stories, happy moments, milestones and experience as a mother,” the brand says. “Each piece of soap and necklace tells a story of individuality, self-expression, love, and motherhood.” QB Natural Shop also offers custom-made breast milk soap packages which feature a range of shapes, sizes, and adorable designs.

  1. Lzy Christine
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    QB natural breast milk soap contest winner

    5 out of 5, reviewed on March 7, 2021

    Hi, I am Christine, thanks you for choosing me as winner. I really appreciate and well received the prizes. This soap is used by natural ingredients and not have chemicals things, so it is very safe for baby to use. It also very cute design and good packaging. I will highly recommend to my family and friends because this soap smells good, and its used 100% pure essential oils, natural herbs and clays. Baby sure will very comfortable and loving when used this QB natural breast milk soap.

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